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Mixolydian Mode - Shape 2


Lesson 1-6
Learn and memorize each shape and exercise. Use a metronome to get the timing right.

Lesson 7
Use exercise 7 if you play music with a lot of key changes like Jazz or Fusion. If 99 % of the songs you solo over stay in the same key, you can skip this exercise.

Jam tracks
Use these jam tracks to solo over. Practice improvising using the patterns you've learned in lesson 1 through 6. This part of the practice routine is the most important. You should spend 20% of your practice time on lesson 1 to 6 and 80% improvising over the jam tracks.

Lesson 1 - The shape

Lesson 2 - Arpeggio shape A

Lesson 3 - Arpeggio shape B

Lesson 4 - Arpeggio shape A with scale notes

Lesson 5 - Arpeggio shape B with scale notes

Lesson 6 - Arpeggio shape A & B combined

Lesson 7 - Navigation

Jam tracks