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The System - Lesson 1

The Modal Mastery System
The ultimate promise of this website is to enable you to play over any chord in any chord progression with a maximum number of options to choose from. As with anything else you want to learn, you can either focus on learning the skill or mastering the skill. Mastery means the following:
  • Mastery is taking something hard and making it very, very easy.
Mastery requires you to focus on one thing at a time and then to direct your focus on mastering that one thing entirely. You might have several things you practice each day, but among those things should be the the one thing that you're working on every time you pick up your guitar. Mastery will do the following for you:

  • It will give you total confidence that you can learn and master anything
  • It will make you progress many times faster
  • It will make others recognize you and support you
And finally: The modal mastery system eliminates the need for talent because each step of the way to mastery is easy. Of course there will be things that you find difficult to do, but when you focus on one challenge at the time, you'll never be discouraged.

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