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How to use it now - Lesson 1

Create your solo in advance and change it on the spot
Even though you haven't learned anything in here at mastery level, you can still sound like an absolute pro by preparing a little.

Practicing is preparing to play. When we practice arpeggios and scales, we prepare to play music in general. As we grow better we find it easier and easier to play over any chord progression.

But we can bypass this process by practicing the individual solo for a little while. Instead of "general practicing" you do "specific practicing." And when you play with the band the next day, it's going to sound like you have complete mastery over the tools you use, because that's what you have!

If you wait until you master all the modes before you're willing to use them, you're going to be very bored in the process. The faster you can use what you've practiced the more excited and motivated you'll be to learn even more.

  • Create a simple melodic solo that fits the chords perfectly
  • Use the scales, arpeggios, licks and sequences that you have to do this
  • Then practice changing that solo or melody on the spot

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