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How to use it now - Lesson 2

Laying out the tools and practicing them in advance
When you have better control over the tools you have, you can start laying out the specific scale and arpeggio patterns on the fret board and then practice them before you perform. So you're no longer anchored in a specific melody - instead you have practiced a specific set of tools that you've decided to use over the chord progression. 

You're making up for the fact that you can't navigate and figure out what exact tool to use, as you play - by preparing a bit in advance. 

  • Decide what scale shape and arpeggio pattern you want to use where
  • Lay out the scale and arpeggio patterns on the fret board
  • Practice "playing through the changes" until it's very easy to find the right note at any time.
  • You can create as many sets of tools as you want

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