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About Modes - Lesson 1

Are modes a relevant concept?
Mastering a mode has nothing to do with being able to play the same Major scale starting from each one of it's seven notes. But it has everything to do with being able to mirror the chord you hear in the music with the notes you play in your solo.

Every song you hear contains a melody. This melody is created by walking from chord note to chord note, using the remaining notes of the scale as "passing notes" When you harmonize a song you put chords to a melody in such a way that the chord notes fit the melody.

Mastering the modes means being able to create melodies that walk from chord note to chord note - on the spot. Now. Instantly. Right away. This is a magical skill that you can have fun with for the rest of your life. When your options are unlimited when you solo.

When you see pattern after pattern that you can use to create something interesting soloing becomes play. A joyful activity that you can engage in forever without "running of licks" because you're not playing licks, you're creating melodies!  

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