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About Modes - Lesson 2


What is a mode?
A mode is the sound of the scale played over one of it's chords. The question is not whether you can play the mode, because if you know the scale you also know the modes (Since every mode is the same 7 notes of the same same scale) The question is whether or not you can "play the sound of the chord" Are you on the same page as the music or are you using random notes from the scale to produce your lines.

When you're using the pentatonic scale, you don't have to think so much about what exact notes to choose when you solo. Because the pentatonic scale seems to fit every chord in the key. Then why learn the modes? Because they give you more choices. Using the pentatonic scale as a "safe zone" of notes that you know will sound at least decent, is focusing on what works - not on what's amazing! The pentatonic approach works - and very often it's works beautifully. Just like you can paint with a pencil only and create great art you can also create musical miracles with just these five notes.

But when you have the full palette of colors, you have more tools for expressing yourself. More tools, more colors, more options, more nuances, more you! 

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