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The System - Lesson 4


Arpeggio shapes
The system with which we lay out the arpeggio shapes is an essential part of the magic of modal mastery. By following the 2-1-2 formula for playing the arpeggios you get the following advantages:
  • You know where all the notes of the arpeggio are, not just a few of them (As with traditional shapes)
  • They make picking easier since all the arpeggio shapes look the same to the picking hand
  • It's much easier to use sequences within these shapes because they follow a system (Just like any sequence is a system of notes)
  • They allow you to play one line in one arpeggio shape or mode and then to play that same line using different notes in another arpeggio shape or mode. (Again because the shapes look the same)
  • The allow you to play fast runs that sound modal / like the mode you're in
  • They force you to break out of the vertical scale shapes

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