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Mastering Sequences

In this issue you will learn how to lay out the arpeggio patterns for a more horizontal playing style.

I'll also show you how you can build fast modal sounding runs in any mode.

And then I'll give you two very effective sequences that you can use in your playing right away.

Rapid Learning Strategies

Learn more in a week than ever before. 

Discover the simple strategies that will accelerate your learning speed many times.

Learn how to practice 2-1-2 patterns all day, any time, any place.

Lesson 1 -The Horizontal Layout 

Lesson 2 - Connecting 2-1-2 shapes

Lesson 3 - II-V-I Progression example & 3 string horizontal shifting

Lesson 4 - The Turnaround

Lesson 5 - The Turnaround, Dorian run

Lesson 6 - Learn fret board patterns fast

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