Shredding the 2-1-2

In this issue you're going to learn 3 powerful and very fast sequences.

And once you have learned to play them in one 2-1-2 arpeggio shape it's easy to learn to play it using other shapes.

This is the power of having a system. It allows you to get vastly more out of your practice sessions.

Getting through the valley

Listening to this audio session could mean more to your development than any other single thing you ever do.

We're going to get the big perspective and look at how you can ensure that you reach the skill level you want.

Know the road ahead and get the ultimate reward when you get through the valley.

Lesson 1 - How to shred the 2-1-2 patterns

Lesson 2 - Dreamy Arpeggios

Lesson 3A -The Minor Seventh Rush 

Lesson 3B -The Minor Seventh Rush, Version 2

Lesson 4 - Mixolydian Tapping

Lesson 5 -  Practice and integrate

Lesson 6 - The Valley

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