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Modal Power Paths
Instant Modal Mastery

Learn to create modal fret board paths that enables you to use every mode available instantly. 

With this tool you can create improvised lines with mind blowing modal complexity without having to master all the modes.

Modal Power Power Paths could become your favorite soloing tool.

The Passion Workshop

Learn to direct and influence the level of passion you feel on a daily basis.

In this audio session you will get two powerful tools that you can use throughout your career as a guitar player.

It's fun, easy and very effective so put on your headphones and make a measurable difference.

Lesson 1 - Advanced modal mastery in an instant

Lesson 2 - Creating a Modal Power Path

Lesson 3 - Aeolian Power Paths

Lesson 4 - Dorian power paths

Lesson 5 -Dorian Power Path Run

Lesson 6 - Do you really want it?

Lesson 6 - The passion work shop

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