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Arpeggio Alchemy

Learn to transform simple 3 note arpeggios into fast great sounding runs. - Without changing the arpeggio itself.

In this lesson you will get a simple tool that you can use right away to change the sound of your soloing completely.

Use what you know in a new way - and get a "free" skill.

Strategy & Conviction

This months audio session will show you the mental process of mastery.

Adopt it, become better at it every day, and your success as a master guitar player is guaranteed.

Through the constant improvement of your strategy and the creation of a special conviction, you will win through, not by chance, but by design.

Lesson 1 - Arpeggio Alchemy

Lesson 1B - Fingering The Triad Arpeggios

Lesson 2 - From Half Diminished To Diminished

Lesson 3 - How To Find The Right Triad Fast

Lesson 4 - Your Assignment 

Lesson 5 - Strategy & Conviction

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