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The Pentatonic Freeway

Learn to play all the modes with the pentatonic scale today. 5 notes is all you need to create solos that sound like the mode of the chord progression.

You can even follow each chord in any piece of music and play lines that fit the notes of the chords perfectly.

Add this magical tool to your musical vocabulary and get even more options when you solo. 

The Defining Skill

In this fast audio session you learn about the most important skill of any ambitious guitarist. 

Mastering this skill virtually guarantees that you will become as excellent a guitarist as you want.

Test yourself to see how good you are at this right now and get a plan to become even better! 

Lesson 1 - Modal Pentatonics, introduction

Lesson 2 - The Concept

Lesson 3 -Playing the changes

Lesson 4 - The five note pentatonic sequence 

Lesson 5 -  How to enter the Pentatonic Freeway

Lesson 6 - The defining skill

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