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The Flexible Sequence

In this issue I'm going to show you how to sequence a 2-1-2 arpeggio using a mix of hammer-on's and pull-off's and sweep picking.

And then we're going to pick it apart, change it and add new variations to it, until we have created a very effective improvisational tool.

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The Speed Building Method

Discover the 4 step process that you can use to make more progress now than ever before.

Learn how you can break through the wall and make unbelievable progress over the next 12 months.

Start using this method today and feel the difference tomorrow.

Lesson 1 -The Flexible Sequence

Lesson 2 - Extracting Smaller Sequences

Lesson 3 - Big Sequence Variations

Lesson 4 - The Speed Building Method


Lesson 5 - 4 Steps To Incredible Skills


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