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Diabolus In Musica

The tritone interval was illegal to play in the middle ages. People believed that this interval was "of the devil".

We're going to study the diminished scale and it's arpeggios, but this also means playing the tritone interval all the time.

So brace yourself and get ready for the devil in the music. 

Develop Your Own Style

In this weekss audio session I'm going to show you a simple, predictable and practical way to develop your own style.

This method will simultaneously ensure that you never get bored with your own playing and that you develop and grow all the time.

Every master of every craft used this method and you can too.

Lesson 1 - The sound of insanity

Lesson 2 - The fret board charts 

Lesson 3 - The two scale shapes and their arpeggios

Lesson 4 -The chords of the diminished scale

Lesson 5 - Unstable and across the fret board

Lesson 6 - Crazed legato run

Lesson 7 - The haywire lick

Lesson 8 -  Immersion

Lesson 9 - Develop your own unique style

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