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Modal Magic

Set up a daily ritual that guarantees that you will reach super human soloing skills.

In this issue I will take you through the steps of developing skills that are above and beyond what anyone could expect. 

Welcome to this expanded edition of your modal mastery weekly program. 

The Fire Within

Become super charged with focused and explosive emotional energy to reach a skill level beyond what you can imagine. 

Passion is the fuel of mastery and in this issue I'm going to give you specific strategies to radically increase the amount of passion you feel.

This is part one out of two lessons

Lesson 1 - Modal Magic

Lesson 2 - The fastest way to mastery

Lesson 3 - How to use the line up

Lesson 4 - Ionian phrase 1

Lesson 5 - Ionian phrase 2

Lesson 6 - Ionian phrase 3

Lesson 7 - The daily ritual of incredible soloing skills

Lesson 8 - The Fire Within

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