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Automate Your Timing

Learn to know exactly where you are in the music. Target every chord completely effortlessly.

- This is the promise of this month's fun and enjoyable practice rutine.

Let a blues progression and a simple exercise teach you how to play using "sentences" and how to solo with structure and coherence.

Triple your learning speed

In this audio session I'll give you the second most common reason that people never achieve the skill level they want.

Every super skilled player used this principle whether he or she knows it or not. No great skills are built without it.

Learn to apply this simple principle today. It could change how fast you are developing completely.

Lesson 1 - Automate Your Timing, level 1 exercise

Lesson 2 - Automate Your Timing, level 2 exercise

Lesson 3 - Building great licks 1

Lesson 4 - Building great licks 2

Lesson 5 -  Building great licks 3

Lesson 6 - Triple your learning speed

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