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12 Note Mastery

Learning to use all 12 notes on the fret board gives you control over every note you have available.

In this issue I'm going to show you simple ideas that you can use instantly to master this area.

Use the next 30 days to make this skill your own for ever.

Programming your mind

Today you can influence your subconscious to support you in your quest towards incredible guitar skills.

15 minutes a day will make a huge difference in your future decisions about what to do when the going get's tough.

Don't miss this opportunity to program your mind for amazing results.

Lesson 1 - Easy Twelve Note Mastery

Lesson 2 - Chromatic Ideas

Lesson 3 -Targeting Ideas

Lesson 4 -12 Note Lick 1

Lesson 5 -12 Note Lick 2

 Lesson 6 -12 Note Lick 3

Lesson 7 - Your 30 day plan

Lesson 8 - Programming Your Mind For Massive Results

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