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Fast Arpeggio Sequencing

The 2-1-2 shape gives you more options than any other way of laying out an arpeggio.

In this issue I'll show you how to play 2 notes per string sequences and string skipping ideas without changing the 2-1-2 shape.

Prepare to expand your musically vocabulary once again.

The Ignitor Of Action

Passion is the ultimate fuel of mastery. But what do you do when passion is low?

You must have an alternative to passion to get to your destination in the fastest way possible. 

This months audio session will teach you how to master the power of self discipline.

Lesson 1 - Program Overview

Lesson 2 - 2 Notes Per String Arpeggios

Lesson 3 - 2 Notes Per String Variations

Lesson 4 - String Skipping The 2-1-2

Lesson 5 - Your Assignment 

Lesson 6 - The Ignitor Of Action

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